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Latex Mattress Buyers Guide

The Real Latex Mattress Buyers Guide

Boy do I get a kick out of reading one of the top rated memory foam websites who offers a latex mattress buyers guide. What the hell do they know about latex mattresses in the first place? The information they provide is completely skewed to send you to another website that they make commissions from every sale. The guide itself is based on fiction not fact and is total nonsense. If they actually sold latex mattresses for over 15 years like we have they would be ashamed of the information they provide to unsuspecting consumers.

Latex Mattress Facts - Not Fiction

Companies like the one mentioned above are trying to scare consumers into buying a more expensive product by leading you to believe there is something toxic about blended latex products. Bull####. Who are these guys and where do they get their information? Blended latex has been used in the U.S. and Europe for over 50 years without ever recording so much as a rash. Now I ask you, don't you think if there were chemicals in the finished product someone somewhere would have had a reaction to it? Hasn't happened. Here's why, it's like cooking with wine, alcohol is in the wine but not in the food. Why is that? Simple, it's cooked out, evaporated, gone. Same thing is true with the chemicals used to create synthetic latex which gets mixed with natural latex to form a blend. Chemicals are used to create Certified Organic Latex but yet it still passes the standard because the chemicals are not present in the finished product.

My Favorite Lie - Synthetic Latex is Inferior

Here's a line from one of the top latex mattress websites - "The use of inferior, petrochemically derived synthetic latex can cause settling and bucketing problems down the road. Natural latex does not settle or pack down". Now here is what the actual manufacturer of the very same products used by the company quoted above has to say about it - "By combining Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex together you get the best of both worlds. Natural components, elasticity, conformity, health benefits and luxurious feel from Natural Latex combine with extended durability from Synthetic Latex- to make a product that the Earth provided and we perfected.

Blended latex can be compared to a gold wedding ring. No one uses a 24 carrot (100% gold) wedding band because it would be too soft and bend if gripped too hard. The solution is a 14 carat gold ring where the gold is mixed with another, more durable metal. The result is a ring that has the look and feel of pure gold but is less vulnerable to damage or wear"

Let's Compare Our Latex Mattress Buyers Guide to Theirs

So now we're going to seperate the truth from fiction and call out on the carpet the other guys. Why would I do this? I'm just sick and tired of misinformation about a product I am very passionate about. I'm sick and tired of online marketers just looking to make a commission and don't care if they lie or bend the truth as long as they get paid. So let's get started. Here's their 8 points to consider when buying a latex mattress.

    • I prefer 100% natural latex over synthetic or blended beds.  Of course you do because the company you make commissions from only sells all natural latex mattresses.
    • Look for simplistically designed, uncomplicated natural latex mattresses. I don't really have a problem with this but blended latex designs can be simple as well. What I don't like are the multiple layers like 3 or 4 which can break down faster than a simple one or 2 layer design.
    • Dunlop natural latex on the bottom, Talalay natural latex on the top, if you are going to go for a mattress with multiple layers. Of course they are going to recommend this because that's the only way the company they make commissions from makes it. There is nothing wrong with an all dunlop latex design nor is there anything wrong with an all talalay latex design which happens to be my preferred configuration. But what do I know, I've only been making mattresses for 37 years.
    • Look for a breathable outer covering preferably a wool blend that contains no chemical fire retardants. Now this is the one that really cracks me up. Blended wool will not pass a fire test, we've all tried and we've all failed. You must use fire retardants if it's going to pass! On the other hand, if you use 100% all natural wool you can and will pass with proper amounts. We know because that's what we use, all natural not blended wool. Someone who actually knows mattress manufacturing would already know this. Hmmmmm.
    • Buy from a reputable company, with easily accessible, independent third party reviews. I have no problem with this in fact Yelp is the most reliable third party review site I've seen. The BBB is somewhat reliable as well but mattress forums like The Mattress Underground are the best source of consumer reviews.
    • Look for a solid warranty, at least 10 years, with full replacement guarantees for at least several years  Sound advice and that's why we offer a 10 year non pro-rated plus additional 10 year pro-rated warranty on all our latex mattress designs.
    • A trial period that allows for returning the mattress should you decide it just doesn't work for you Again this is good advice and we offer a 60 day full money back guarantee less shipping costs. What we won't do is send a garbage truck out to pickup your return and send it to the local landfill as does the company which is promoted by author of the original Latex Mattress Buyers guide does. I know this because a local customer returned their bed to that company and that's exactly what happened. I don't make this stuff up. So much for caring for the environment!
    • Free Stuff Heck yes, give me free pillows to go with my new latex mattress

 Our Additional Latex Mattress Buyers Tips:

  • Read the descriptions  There is a lot of deceptive advertising going on today especially on the mega sites like Amazon. I've seen ads saying "10 inch All Natural Talalay Latex Mattress" queen size for just $595. Folks, if that were true the company selling them would lose hundreds of dollars on every sale. Read the fine print. The mattress only has 2" of latex, not 10" as advertised. Latex mattress toppers are the same as I've seen 3" latex toppers advertised that really were 1" of latex laminated to 2" of cheap polyfoam. Make sure you get what you paid for.
  • Ease of Return Here's where it gets tricky because most foam mattresses sold online are compressed in a $40,000 roll packing machine and there is no way in hell you are going to get it back in the box to return it. You find yourself struggling to find any box it will fit in and believe me you will pay dearly to return it in an oversized carton that will be necessary. That so called "free shipping" will cost you dearly to return. We ship our latex mattresses in boxes that are user friendly and larger than what is necessary on our end but perfect for the consumer is an exchange or return is warranted.
  • Call the Company First  Talk to someone who knows latex, you'll get a good indication if they really know what they are talking about with a personal call to a qualified sales rep. Ask to talk to the owner, if they really care about their business they would make themselves accessible to their potential customers.

That's it for now, more latex mattress buying guide tips coming.