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Latex Mattresses

Talalay and Dunlop Latex Mattresses

Nowhere in the country will you find a more versatile latex mattress company than Arizona Premium Mattress. We offer both all natural and blended Talalay from the two leading manufacturers in the world, Latex International and Radium Foam from Europe. We also work with the top manufactures of Dunlop latex including Latex Green, Latexco and Coco Latex.

When it comes to customizing latex mattresses we have no handcuffs here like other online retailers. The difference is we actually do our own sewing here. We stock all kinds of latex mattress components so no task is too difficult for us. Custom sizes are no problem. Find a competitors latex bed you like, we can reverse engineer it and save you a lot of money.

Buying Latex Beds Direct from the Manufacturer will Save You Big Money!

Because of our long term commitment to the latex mattress industry (over 15 years now) our suppliers work with us to get us the best possible prices for only first quality latex. Latex International told us the like working with us because "you sell latex by the foot, not by the inch". What they were referring to is that most latex mattresses being sold today use very little actual latex, mostly cheap poly foam with an inch or two of latex on top. Our top designs consist solely of latex, no polyfoam fillers. Many of our competitors use imperfect, seconds and discontinued latex in their online offerings and withhold that fact from the customers. Most of our designs utilize a zipper cover which means nothing is hidden from the customer here. What you see is what you get, first quality latex mattress components at an awesome price.

Why Latex Mattresses are Better and Yet Hard to Find

We live in a society now that revolves around planned obsolescence. Latex foam beds are not a good fit for today's disposable market. Why do you think the Chinese get most of the jobs? They make cheap stuff cheap. Who cares if it only last a couple years, it's inexpensive enough to just replace it . We'll this mentality is now used in the mattress industry as well although the bulk of mattresses are still being made here in the U.S. Cheaper materials equals lower quality and cheaper price. We're even being convinced that we need to replace our mattresses every five years because of dust mites and other nonsense. Think about it, why are most the spring mattresses nowadays made using a no-flip design? To make it easier on you? No, to make the mattress wear out twice a fast and lower cost! Latex mattresses can last for decades and or no more expensive than buying a supposed quality spring or memory foam mattress. That is if you buy your latex mattress from us. Retail stores will charge and arm and a leg because they know this will be a long term purchase and the likelihood of repeat business is very small.

If that video doesn't say it all I don't know what will. The latex mattress above is not a fluke, I've seen this kind of durabilty over and over again in Phoenix with all the retirees living here. They were blessed with the ability to buy these latex mattresses at places like Sears back in the 60's. Well those days are back only instead of ordering from a Sears catalog you can buy online.

What makes Our Latex Mattresses Different From Our Competition?

Answer, nothing yet everything. Those that offer a similar model simply can't compete price wise. Our focus is only on latex, our buying power is tremendous, our overhead is extemely low here in Phoenix, AZ. and our quality is outstanding because latex beds are what we do. No one else is just focused on latex. Only a handful do their own work, most simply buy from another manufacturer and sell those products online. Can they offer a custom size latex mattress 66" x 72"? No. Can they change the online specifications to suit your personal preference? Usually not. Can they reverse engineer a competitors latex bed? Highly unlikely. Those are the questions you need to ask when purchasing latex mattresses online because that's what seperates the men from the boys. Put yourself in the hands of the professionals and that's why they call us the LATEXPERTS.